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harmoany's Journal

Adult Fan Fiction for the HMS Harmony
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Welcome to the SS HarMOANy, the little lifeboat of love for HMS Harmony shippers. This is where you can come to read high quality fics and enjoy amazing art centered around Harry and Hermione. Your days of slogging through slash, threesomes, and good shipper smut to find Harmony smut is over. Hallaleuia!

Although this is an adult site any type of fic and artwork focused on Harry and Hermione can be posted; it doesn't have to be rated NC-17 or R.


1. This is an adult fan fiction community. No one under 17 allowed. Sorry.

2. No 'cool speak' or whatever the heck all of those misspelled words are called. We are educated adults, we should type as such.

3. Whenever possible, post your rated R or NC-17 fic on a protected site, like Portkey, and provide the link in your Harmoany post.

4. Membership will be moderated.

5. Criticism should be constructive. No flaming or wanking (unless it is integral to the plot of your story!). One warning and you are out, unless you really piss one of the moderators off then you will be banned immediately.

6. No Slash, teacher/student, adult/minor pairings.

Welcome! Enjoy our little community!